Selling Your Home? How to Make it Appeal To Millennials’ Standards Without Breaking the Bank Account

How to Sell Your Home to Young Professionals

When you put your home on the market to sell, you should know that the next owner will likely be younger than you are. That’s why you should stop thinking about what you like or want in a home and start thinking about what buyer will want.


Stick with warm, neutral walls. If the target demographic for the area is young families, or young professionals, choose a wall color accordingly. Try for warm grays, or neutrals. Certain colors these days like grays allow potential homeowners to envision bringing in complementary colors and clean-lined furnishings to make it their own.

Invest in white cabinetry. Many home buyers younger prefer white or off-white cabinets. If your kitchen cabinetry is dark, it is time to paint it. There are many color options to choose from, and you can look through magazines or online to see what colors will look nice.

b12a1f6724f3a9361db7bbf9b68f2ef0Stainless Steel
Younger home buyers will want stainless steel appliances. Before putting it on the market, this is an absolute must. Younger buyers will almost certainly walk away without them.

31jan2013-8974Countertops. Granite and stone countertops are just as important to young buyers as stainless steel appliances. It will absolutely make the difference between whether they buy your home, or the one down the block. Go with a light color to be on the safe side.

Open up your shower space. Young professionals love large, open glass showers. Whirlpool tubs are also a big selling point. frameless-standard

Keep it simple. People with young kids are less likely to want a fixer-upper. If your target demographic is young families, make sure your home is ready to move in, with no repairs or updates needed.

If your home does need vast repairs, it probably isn’t worth fixing up the whole house just to sell it. Instead, list it as the “fixer upper” that it is. If your neighborhood is becoming full of young professionals, there may be some appeal to this type of home, as long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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  • definitely choose a light granite! We had trouble selling our home because of the kitchen counters. The house was great, and so was the kitchen. And the buyers even said so, that they loved the kitchen. But they were not crazy about the color. Steer away from speckled counters, they are not very popular. We had just renovated it too, about 3 years before we sold it. When renovating rooms in your home, PLEASE think about the future. Chances are, at some point you will sell your home. Try as hard as you can to not make the permanent details specific to your taste. Decorate the home as you wish, but for the forever-things..think resale when you go to remodel.

  • Millennials have certainly taken over! I just wish they’d put their phones down in public places.

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